Last week some customers in NSW reported issues connecting to their websites on Charlie Server.  This over the weekend has spread to Victoria and Tasmania.
The common link was al customers were Optus customers.
We have identified an issue with Optus Networks not performing DNS lookups on one of our 4 servers, while Telstra and other networks have no difficulty.
A support ticket has been lodged with Optus and we are awaiting a response.
No ETA has been provided.

It is possible to restore access by remotely updating a setting on your modem to use Google DNS services in place of Optus or manually editing the Hosts file on your computer to regain access to email in the short term, please let us know if you need this done.

DNS in simple terms is like an Index in a phone book.  When looking for a business name or service in the index it says it is on page 4.  The DNS does something similar by saying this domain is on this IP address, on the Optus network at the moment it doesnt know where to find all websites on Charlie Server even though it is online and working 100%.
The result is a blank page saying "Server not found" or Email programs saying that it cannot connect.

We will update all users when this has been resolved and we are continuing to put pressure on Optus to restore this outage on their end or explain why this could have occoured.


Jason Keys
Websites For Small Business


Monday, August 7, 2017

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