Alpha Vmware server migration

All websites on Vmware are being prepared for migration to new Alpha Server.

Commencing migration at 10pm Melbourne time 20/06/16 as per previous communication.

Once Migration is complete NS1 and NS2 name server IP's will be updated.

20th Jun 2016
Planned Server Works

Alpha Vmware server is in the process of being decommissioned for a new server, clients on this server will be notified soon to advise of a date and time when all accounts will be migrated to a new server.Migration will be seemless and no downtime is expected unless custom nameserver or IP addresses are used by clients or where we do not manage ... Read More »

1st Jun 2016
Upgrades to Charlie Server Complete

Server is now upgraded and online.
Alot faster too we may add! 🙂

2nd Nov 2015
Planned Server Upgrades to Charlie Server

Upgrades are now in progress.  Server is currently offline and being re-booted.

2nd Nov 2015
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