How to setup your email account in Outlook

Once you have created your email account in Cpanel, you can now setup your email program, i.e Outlook to send and receive your emails.


1. Open Outlook, select the Tools menu then Account Settings.


2. On the E-mail tab, select New.


3. Select POP3


4. Tick the box "manually configure server settings or additional server types", then click next.


5. Select "Internet E-Mail" for POP email. Click next.


6. At the Internet Email settings page, add your user information. Your name and your email address.


7. On the same page, enter the server information. The account type is POP3. Next is the incoming and outgoing mail server (smtp). For this you add:


For POP3 Incoming : (replace with your domain)

For Outgoing SMTP: (replace with your domain)


8. Next enter in the Logon Information. Here you enter in your email address i.e Now enter in your password and tick "remember password".


9. Now select the "more settings" tab it will open a new window, select the Advanced tab and change the Outgoing server (smtp) port from 25 to 26.


10. While you have the advanced tab still open, you can opt to leave copies of the messages on ther server for X days. This is useful if you access your emails from your office, phone or laptop. It avoids you loosing emails. Leaving a copy for 5 days is recommended, but make sure your inbox is large enough. Click OK.


11. Click the test account settings button to test your settings, if no errors are present click next to finish. If you receive errors, please check the details you have entered. Check your password, your login information and your mail servers.


If this setup does not work for you it may that your Internet Service Provider restricts sending emails using external mail servers i.e as the outgoing SMTP mail server. If this is the case you usually can receive email but get errors sending. Users on Telstra or ipriumus may experience this.

If this is the case you need to use your ISP's SMTP server for the outgoing mail server. If you have a bigpond email address then you need to use as the outgoing mail server. If you use this, at step 9 you use port 25 as the outgoing mail server.

Keep in mind that if you are testing your account and you continue to receive errors double check these settings above. If you continue to experience problems such as incorrect password errors you may find that the server may detect your incorrect passwords as a hacking attempt and block your IP from connecting to the server. One way to test if you are blocked is if you cannot view your website at or at all. You will need to call us to submit a support ticket to have your IP address unblocked.

If you are still having difficulty, give us a call and we will check you have the correct settings and configuration.






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